Changes Are Coming To Facebook Messenger...

Hey everybody. This is your RJ getting back in the groove with a little more podcasting. I have been very busy this last month  on a number of projects and it is coming time again to go ahead and start podcasting.  Because there's so much new  in the world of chatbots, and I want you to know about all of it.

So we're today going to talk a little bit about the announcement that came out last month late last month that of course Facebook Messenger is now going to be  monetizing. For a little over two years now, we've been able to send our broadcasts for free. Broadcasts are any time you try to get in touch with anybody outside that 24-hour window.

What is happening as of January 15th? These Broadcasts are no longer going to be able to be sent unless you're a very specialized news page. So I have been working very hard. And in fact , I was doing this before the announcement,  because everybody knows that Facebook eventually monetizes everything.

So there are two ways that you can continue broadcasting. One , and the one that Facebook would like you to use is of course, is using their sponsored messaging feature. However, that's not completely built out the way that we need it to be at this point. And you've got to decide, do you want to give your money to Zucky?

That's a personal decision . Now sponsored messaging is going to be much less expensive than it will be in the future, but it certainly will be   expensive in the future. It's going to be just like Facebook ads. As  those sponsored messages get better and more pointed, then of course they're going to cost you more money to place. Also, it's really built like an ad. It's not built like a 'hey send this broadcast to everybody in this bot that has this particular tag'. It's not like that at this point. Facebook may change that. They may open it up to get something that better and more tightly integrates with what people have been doing with Bots. But right now, no.

So what's the other way? The other way and this is the way that I'm certainly going and encouraging everybody to use is SMS texting.  It's just good stuff everybody. It is very inexpensive. Texts are something   that even has a bigger open rate than Messenger. Texts have a 98 percent open rate within 3 minutes.

SMS is an excellent way to go. Now, if you're using Manychat, Manychat has built it into their system for three cents per text. I'm going to tell you that this is very expensive. I'm also going to tell you that if you are trying to link to your bot, then you've got to shorten that link yourself because the links will count against your hundred sixty character limit.

So I'm not using  Manychat's text system. It is absolutely brand-new. They're still working the bugs out. They wanted to get this out to the door so that people would know that they could use that within Manychat. For me I'm using 

They are a great company. The texts are not three cents apiece, they are one cent apiece. And they have great customer service and you know how much I love that. So just want you to know out there that there is a solution . There's one using sponsored messaging. That has really yet to be developed in a way that you can use it with your chatbot natively.

The second is SMS texting. This will drive people to the bot and you can also use it in any number of ways as well. So just know that changes are coming. I am working on ways to get us way past those changes and way into something that is more fun and off of Facebook as well. Of course, I'm talking about TruChat there, but that is a subject for another podcast.

Just wanted to fill you in on what's happening over here. And and hopefully I will see you or you'll hear me again very soon Darlings. That's it for today.

RJ Redden