Messenger Bot Strategies For Beginners

There's so much to know. There's so many possibilities of what you could do with Messenger marketing. How do you prioritize these ideas? When do you choose a course of action? What's the most important thing to do first?

On today's show I'll cover some simple strategies that will help get you rolling with your chatbot. 



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Welcome to The Bot Signal. Your home for news and views about Messenger chatbots. Today, Messenger Bot strategies for beginners. I get this question so often. People get really, really excited about bots. Hey, so do I. But it's hard to know where to start sometimes when there so darn many things that you can do. So stay tuned for some beginner strategies.

The first part of the strategy is old-fashioned. Get your ideas down and pick one. You heard me right. I'm going to ask you to spend some time with either your favorite electronic idea organization spot. Mine is Trello, It's free to use. I don't get an affiliate link to that. But that is a place where I will brainstorm. I love to brainstorm on the computer. I love to write out every single idea I have in my head because here it is, if you keep those ideas in your head, it's just clutter. If you get stuff out on paper or virtual paper, it changes a little bit. It gives you a little bit more focus and you're able to kind of decide the pros and cons and how important our priority is at that point. So you can do this electronically like I do, getting your ideas down and picking one or you could totally just use a stack of post it notes and a pickle jar. Do be sure to rinse the pickle jar unless you like that smell for some reason. Hey, I'm not judging you. Anyway. Write them all out. Write every idea down for you whether you know it can be done or not. If you have problems doing this, I would suggest setting a timer and if you can set a ticking kitchen timer. Give yourself 10 minutes or so and just write everything down. Focus on what you're doing, get it all down and then prioritize. Pick one idea and then we'll go to step two.

So I've just told you to take this giant pile of ideas and pick one as if it's an easy thing to do. Listen, it's not. We wouldn't be talking if it was. So how do you do that? How do you pick just one thing out of that entire pile of ideas that you have to build upon? Well, I usually look for just a couple of criteria to kind of narrow the pile down a little bit. One of the criteria’s is I make sure that whatever I'm trying to do with the bot, it's a simple thing. It's a simple thing. Listen, I know that there are folks out there within the sound of my voice who want to start building bots today who think that their launch next week of this, uh, event that they're doing is going to be crazy, insane, awesome with a bot. It may be, but unless you're going to hire a professional, you're going to have a lot of problems building something complicated right out of the gate.

And here's where it really leads to really leads to, a huge frustration on your part because the more you bump around in the software, the more you figure out and kick the tires and see what everything does. If you are operating on a deadline, every single time, something acts the way in an unexpected manner, let's say, you're just gonna get more and more frustrated. So first criteria for narrowing those ideas down and picking one is make sure it's a simple one. Couple of ideas here. One, I'm always talking about that reminder bot for when you live stream or when you put content out there. This reminder bot can work for blogs, vlogs, it can work for live streams, it just, it can work for any, any video content that you put out there. It can work for anything and all the reminder body is, is just a little reminder to go out and look at the new thing that is going on.

Second one. A welcome bot. A welcome bot is something that you can attach to your Facebook page or your webpage and it, you know, when people hit on it, it welcomes people in and gives them opportunities to ask questions and/or look at some things that you've published in the past and you know, kind of an opportunity to get to know you a little better. These are, these are relatively short sequences. These are not shake-the earth types of things, but what it will do is it will teach you what you're doing as you're going along. If you give yourself plenty of time to learn something, it's going to go a heck of a lot easier for you. You're going to be so much less frustrated. So if you're wondering where to start, I want you to start simple and then there's this next bit.

This last strategy I'm calling plan for the pre-show, and what that means is if you are a person who does not have a huge social media crowd right now, listeners who will, you know, are raving about you and will listen to anything you say, thousands and thousands of them. If you're like most of everybody else, you don't have that big of a crowd. So what I suggest is always have a period of time, before you start a launch. Before you do a great big event, something like that. Have a period of time where you are just gathering subscriptions and looking at the system, making sure everything's okay. You're answering all questions. You're able to start conversations with people in the bot, lead them outside the bot to have a further conversation with them. Make sure that you have all of those skills and habits in place before you go whole hog on a great big event or a book launch or something like that. The reason that I say that is, when you are in the middle of a book launch or you are in the middle of a huge event, that is not the time to have to have to stop and think about how do I solve this problem now?

You know you want to be able to turn on a dime. You want to be able to make fixes on the fly. You want to have great habits around that software so that when you're, you know, 24 hours a day before that book launch, that you are still taking that 20 minutes a day to look inside the bot and make sure that everybody's got their questions answered. Everybody's taken care of. and got what they need. So build great habits. It's a pregame really. It's a pre-show time where you're meeting with people, you're exchanging ideas, you're doing all the right things, and you're building great habits so that when you make that huge launch, for sure, that great big one that you've been dreaming about, then you can use your bot to its fullest capabilities.

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RJ Redden