Use Audio in your Bot

Did you know that you could use audio in your chatbot? More importantly, do you know why it's an excellent idea?

Your very own dulcet tones humanize your bot, add variety to the types of messages you send, and makes your bot stand out among the rest. In this episode, I talk about why the use of audio is important, and I give you a few ideas about how to add sound to your bot. 

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Welcome to The Bot Signal. Your home for news and views about Messenger Chatbots. Hey, did you know that your dulcet voice tones can be used inside your bot? Today, we'll talk about using audio in your body, why you can use audio in your body, why it's important. And we'll talk about a couple of ideas to get you started using audio in your body. So why is audio cool to add into your Messenger Bot? Okay, so first of all, it is a fast growing medium, not only are podcasting resurgence. Also voice activated stuff is growing in our homes, we're getting ever closer to John Luke Picard and star trek days, a computer, uh, you know, just say Alexa and see what happens. Any way. This is a, this is kind of the trend. And I'll tell you why, uh, why a lot of people think that's happening. It's because people are super busy these days, but they tend to multitask to audio.

They want to listen to a podcast while they work out. They want to listen to one while they walk the dog, do the laundry, drive to work. Uh, they want to listen. And learn at the same time. Some people just prefer to learn through audio. Now, maybe you don't have a messenger bot that educates people. That's totally fine, but people do prefer audio in some cases and being able to provide that for them is it's really the way to go. Remember when I talked about this bot, this messenger bot stuff is a choose your own adventure, provide an adventure for those who would walk, rather listen to you than look at a video or read a text. Second reason, audio is cool. Variety, spice up that bot, make it not all follow the same pattern all the time, a bunch of texts and then a call to action, a bunch of texts and then a call to action. Listen, people get bored fast nowadays and it's because they've been fed the same thing over and over and over for years. You don't want to eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich one more time. Spice this stuff up, make it a ham and cheese. Throw some audio in there. Your people will appreciate it.

Here's an idea about how to use audio in your bot. In the pages app on your phone, you can leave your subscribers voice messages, just a little one minute voice message. This is the kind of stuff that you're used to leaving in messenger for people, any way, you can leave that for your subscribers. Manychat doesn't have that necessarily in the interface. You can add an audio clip, but you can do this right from your phone using the pages app. Here's an example. I went down my subscriber list today, just looked at the people who are currently in the bot and I found people that I have had meetings with recently that I could leave a one minute voicemail for thanking them for their time. I found people who are super active on my show that I could leave a little one minute voicemail for that.

Thanks them for watching the show and ask them what they want to see in the show and what kind of different formats they'd like to see the show in. I also found people who have been really kind of just sitting back and lurking for a long time and I can leave a one minute voice mail for them saying: Hey, noticed you're still in here. Thank you so much for giving me your time. Is there anything I can help you with, with bots? I'm doing. You know, I'll do a half hour, asked me anything, meeting with you, here's the link, and then leave a link at the end. These, this is how you can add voice to your body. You can do this today, you can do this right now. And what that does when you leave people a voice message is it humanizes you a little bit, it humanizes the Bot.

It personalizes that experience because yeah, it was delivered by a bot, but it was a totally personal message. Uh. And there's no way you can fake that. You can't, you know, you can't say: Hi Andy. Hey. It's been awhile since I've seen you. And I was just wondering if there's anything I could do for you? Uh, you can, you know, you can certainly copy and paste that with text. But you can't do that with voice, you can't fake voice, and that's why it's so cool. Use that voicemail feature. You don't even have to have a pre-written script ahead of time. You can just go down the list of subscribers, leave them all a message, make them feel cared about, make them feel seen.

Here's another idea on how to use audio in your bot. You can rip the audio track from whatever video you've put in. This is particularly good if you are delivering any kind of a class or educational material inside your bot. So take that video, that under four minute and hopefully just three minute video that you've recorded for your bot. Take the audio, track out and offer it right under the video track. Now what does this do? It, it promotes that some people learn through watching some people through listening. Some people learn through doing something well. We already provide an opportunity to watch you through whatever video you've recorded, providing that audio track for those who listen and learn at the same time. That's an excellent thing to do because you know, for the people who learn by doing, you can always leave them an exercise, hey, do this in the next 24 hours and get back to me.

That's great stuff, but until you use the audio, you're not covering that part of the people who just want to listen and learn. They don't necessarily learn as well from video or from an exercise. You want to cover all the people you can and you want to give people a choice. Especially good, as I said, for classes, many courses, things like that. But honestly, why not? If you can find out now, for me, I use Camtasia. It allows me to rip an audio track of any video I do in about three clicks, I think, uh, and it's super easy for me to do. Once I've figured that out, I now always offer an audio track along with the video. People don't have to click on it. They don't have to use it at all. But it's there if they want it. And that's the point. Offering people choices in how they're consuming that information. That shows that you're an excellent host in your bot and it gives them a great experience.

All right, now here's your bravery tests. Bob Ross fans rejoice. Here's your bravery test with audio. I want you to think of something that you can communicate to your audience in about a minute. You know, if you're a life coach and you have a favorite meditation, you can record that into a mic right now. If you're uh, a different kind of coach and you have like kind of a daily tip, instead of recording a video, instead of writing it out today, just do an audio one day. If you are a person who, you know, this one can go for everyone. If you want to communicate the central idea of why you're in business, doing what you're doing right now in less than a minute, do it into a microphone, release it, broadcast it to everybody on your bot. These kinds of things will kind of test whether people will respond to this stuff or not. I have a feeling that everybody will. People love and bond with hearing your voice, providing them that different path that they can go on, the more choice and agency they have, the more of a relationship this is going to be and building relationships is what bots are all about. So take your bravery test and I will see you real soon.

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