Bot Basics: What's Your Welcome Strategy?



If you know you want a Messenger Bot, but do not know where to start, look no further. I will teach you how you are going to simultaneously grab your audience‚Äôs attention and establish trust.  You will be learning what is so vital to include in your welcome to really get results that you crave.

3 vital things to include in your welcome

Introduce your chatbot!

When you present your bot, at the very least, tell them it's a chat bot. Better yet, give the bot a name, an image, and a personality. Your bot will establish the connection between you and your audience without taking any of your time, yet still being personable.

Set expectations.

Let your audience know how many messages they can expect to receive, the subject of these messages, and lastly, when they should be expecting the messages. Letting people know what to expect will eliminate unwanted messages bombarding your possible clients!

Give people a choice.

You want to make your audience feel like they have some control of the conversation with your chat bot. This can be as simple as adding "ask a question" as an option. Having three options for people to choose from is usually best.

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RJ Redden