Build Relationships With Bots

Build Relationships with Bots

How do Messenger bots build relationships? Is it possible? 

You can use bots to build relationships with people, and it's surprisingly easy because they make people feel seen and heard.  Come along and I'll show you three ways to build your bot so that it helps you establish trust, engage your subscribers and build relationships with integrity.

We're sick and tired of advertising and hit you over the head marketing. It makes us feel like all we are is a potential transaction for someone else.  

Bots can totally treat people that way too. It's part of my job to research bots. There are a few out there that are the "set it and forget it" type of bots. It's easy to recognize them - just type in a question or a response. If there's no answer, it's a set it and forget it bot. Those are the ones I usually unsubscribe to quickly. 

Make building relationships the focus of your bot. Make answering questions and taking care of people's needs the focus, instead of a transaction. in short, don't put a number on people's heads. 

Relationships start with trust

Be up front and transparent in a bot. Tell them it's a bot. Don't allow anyone to think they're talking to a human being when they're not. 

If you want people's email addresses, ask for it. Give them a choice, and lay their options down. If you're holding a mini course, tell them exactly how long it is and how many messages they can expect. If you want them to subscribe to your livestreams/podcasts/videos etc., include all information about messages. 

Be up front about what people are getting into. It's exactly what you can do to build relationships, and make your business stand out. 

Response Time 

How many times have you sent a message to someone's FB page, and never gotten an answer back? Or sent an email and never gotten a reply? 

You can set up a keyword to answer frequently asked questions. You can also set the system up to alert you when someone has a question or wants to talk to a human. 

Even if you don't have an immediate answer, you've done something important: You've acknowledged them

Give and Take

Relationships are also a two way street, and that's easy to forget when building a bot. Cement the relationship by engaging human beings in conversation. 

Balance announcements about what you're doing with questions about what they're doing. 

Most marketing methods are all about how to push a message out. We focus on refining the right message to push out, the right timing to push it out, the right delivery method to push the message out with - it's all about push, push, push. 

Great bots - relationship building bots - are all about equal amounts of push and pull. Ask questions of your subscribers. Get to know them, their wants and needs. Engage them in conversation. In short, be interested in the human being that you're talking to. 

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RJ Redden