Whole Lotta Course Creation Going On...


It's getting late in the year, and many people are creating courses right now. Why? Because lots of entrepreneurs buy courses at the beginning of the year, in the hopes of improving their business. 

I'm totally creating a course right now, and I'm working with the folks at Ultimate Course Formula. It's been a great experience so far, and I've just learned that they are doing a free online event on Saturday. I'm going (well, attending from the comfort of the Bot Cave) and I want to invite you to join me.

The creators of Ultimate Course Formula and Thinkific are organizing a completely free day of online live training for course creators and aspiring course creators.

Here’s what they’re talking about during the event:

  1. How to structure your content so people want to buy your courses

  2. How to setup your technology fast and inexpensively

  3. How to promote your course to your target market

It's free, there's no travel involved, and you'll benefit from what the folks at Ultimate Course Formula and Thinkific have to offer. 

Here's the link to join for the free Online Course Creation Event: bit.ly/CourseCreationDay 

Full disclosure: yup, that's totally an affiliate link. :)

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RJ Redden