Essential Equipment

Here are all my recommended templates. Enjoy!

Note: All of the templates and courses are delivered by Spinning Dragon, my Facebook Messenger chatbot. 🤖 She's the most charming ninja you've ever met.  

Great customer service a lost art these days? Nonsense, my friend! These templates will install right on your website. Your visitors will now have a chance to connect with you in real time! Get these templates while they're hot - they won't be free forever!

This a series of templates for coaches that make it easy for you to start growing your coaching business--right out of the box. You can grab one of these templates today, add tweaks to customize it to your personal brand, and start using it tomorrow.

These direct sales templates are focused on everything a team leader/director needs to do in order to engage their team. Ever work really hard to get that perfect person on your team, only to have them fall through the cracks? These templates will make sure your entire team never misses another training!

Chatbot In A Box contains every single template I have, and I'm always adding more! This has full templates for getting new clients and keeping current clients engaged. Step by step video instruction and cheat sheets are included with the templates. 


More Awesome Stuff

Black Belt Botcamp takes you through everything you need to know about Messenger Marketing. You'll know how to make your bot shine with your unique personality. Know how to tag and store information about your users, and bring it up just before that important phone call. Stay within Facebook Messenger's Terms of Service. Supercharge your bot with this knowledge, and change your business!

My most requested offering to date - Black Belt Botcamp and the entire list of templates - all in one bundle!! The value in this bundle cannot be overstated - if you are your own marketing department, you owe it to yourself to get the best start possible. I add to the templates regularly, so this bundle has lifetime value. Whatchoo waiting for? Let's get started, Grasshopper!