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Calling all solopreneurs!

Have you ever felt like building your business is kinda like being stuck on an endless merry go round of social media and content creation?

You know how this one goes: Opt ins, livestreams, and tripwire products they surely can’t resist, oh my!

If you’re not getting clients, posting more on social media isn’t going to fix the problem…you’re just doing more of what isn’t working. You need a real system that brings clients TO you. How? Messenger Marketing (also known as bots). 

Once I got my bot in place, my business totally changed. I went from the content-creation hamster wheel to running just ONE Messenger bot that consistently packs my calendar with calls and clients.

I'm ready to teach you how Messenger bots work!

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Questions about Chat Bots?

I get it. Chat bots are super new, leading edge technology. How can you be sure if you want one? 

Here's how: experience a chat bot for yourself. Try the one below.  

(Come on, click the button... you know you want to!)

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But RJ.

I want a chat bot right now. 

I got you, boo. 

There are three options for building your chat bot. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little elbow grease, Grasshopper. Click here to learn all about my online class + Q&A Service offerings. 


You provide the content, I provide the technology know how. This option is excellent for those who want a quick start. 


This is the Big Cahuna. We collaborate through every stage in the process. At the end, all that's left for you to do is sip a beverage and watch your calendar get booked.


If you know you want a chat bot, but you don't know what option to choose: Get on my calendar here, and we'll chat about the details. 

What's Working With RJ Like?

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"OMG YOU NEED A BOT. Maybe “need” is a strong word, but it’s such a fun, conversational, AUTOMATED way to connect and let people get a taste of your work and personality. It’s work up front, but I love how representative it is of me and the work that I do.

RJ is so smart, so responsible, and so supportive. I never once doubted that we could do it or that it would be awesome. She made the whole process fun and easy (for me), and held my hand through every step while still teaching me to do it myself.

Simply seeing the possibilities of how I can better connect with my community and clients is mind-blowing. We just finished the testing process with my bot and we were surprised when we got such overwhelmingly positive feedback when we thought we still had work to do.

RJ is incredible and if you’re not working with her, that is a mistake, and your loss." 

-Stacy S.