Solving “If I could just get in front of more people” with Facebook Messenger Marketing

Black Belt Bots

I hear this from clients all the time:

“If I could just get in front of more people, I’d be able to sell more”.

Or, “When people talk to me one-to-one, it’s so much easier to sign them up as clients”.

But the problem is this: where do you find the time? Between servicing your current clients and creating content to attract more clients, there is very little time left in the day. How do you automate and scale a one-to-one "get to know you" experience? Is it even possible to automate something that personal?

Scaling the “personal touch” experience

Technology has tried, believe me. There are so many marketing tools out there right now that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Automation tools lack the personal touch that solopreneurs need in order to land that next client. Everyone old enough to have an email address knows what an email blast looks like. We’ve been working so long with these one-to-many "broadcast" systems that we’ve forgotten what a real conversation even feels like.

And yet, that’s how many people build their businesses. One on one conversations with real people. The problem is that it’s hard to even nail people down for a one-to-one conversation, let alone schedule the number of meetings you need to sign just one client. The time investment would be astronomical, and you don’t have that kind of time. Your business needs clients now.

Automation isn’t personal, and one-to-one contact isn’t scalable. Now what?

Personal and scalable have never been combined into one marketing channel…until now.

Enter Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Black Belt Bots

Facebook Messenger Marketing is designed to scale one-to-one conversations with potential clients.

It’s got all the benefits of one-to-one conversation. I lovingly refer to it as a Chatbot. Your Chatbot is totally infused with your personality, your get-to-know-you questions, and your personal style. Meanwhile, your potential clients get the benefit of knowing that your private conversation is a safe place to ask questions.

It’s got all the benefits of automation. Potential clients get reminders, prompts, and daily lessons that they can answer on their own timetable.

All this happens automagically. You set it up once, then monitor the conversations and determine which clients you’d like to make an offer to.

There is it, Grasshopper. Personal and scalable. You don’t have to have a pile of money or a personal technologist to get in on this either. All you need is $99.


Introducing Chatbot in a Box.

I’ve got it all set up for you. It’s called Chatbot In A Box. All you need to do is customize it to your brand, put it out there, and away you go!

Chatbot In A Box Logo.png

You can use these templates to get in front of potential clients or keep current clients engaged. We all have clients with great plans and wonderful intentions who never seem to make it over the finish line. All they need is a little personal accountability, and your chatbot can get them there.

You know who I mean:

  • Suzi, who wants to start meditating, but never seems to make the time…
  • Angela, who made it through the first two sessions of your online course, but hasn’t touched the class material since the appetizers were served at the Last Supper...

Bottom line, clients who engage with your programs are much more likely to make progress and refer their friends.  All of us want this, but how do you get it without feeling like you’re constantly nagging people?

Facebook Messenger Marketing makes it possible. After all, Facebook Messenger is already literally in their pocket. Reminders, daily lessons, and actionable steps are just one message away.

Lucky for you, you’re just moments away from having it done for you. Simply pick a template and be on your way to more effective marketing that’s personal AND scalable!

And If You're New To All This...

I totally get it. most of use are. Why not experience a Chatbot for yourself first? It's easy, just click here and the Black Belt Bot will take you on a tour!