How Facebook Messenger Marketing And Chatbots Can Help You Grow A Remarkable Coaching Business

My name’s RJ Redden. I’ve been a coach for nine years, and I’ve got a confession to make: I waited far too long to try Facebook Messenger marketing.

I spent far too much time hearing about chatbots, seeing other people have success, and thinking to myself, “Seriously, I don’t have the time to add another marketing channel. Especially if it’s just a flash in the pan. I’mma keep doing what I’m doing”.

It’s a great thing to be discerning, am I right? You can’t just go chasing down all the shiny things - you’ll never get your work done. All of that is correct, and yet...

You can put a ton of quality information out there, but unless your potential client lays eyeballs on it, it won’t matter. Your information must be in a place where your potential clients are already looking.

So why does Facebook Messenger marketing matter?

Facebook Messenger is THE place people are already looking. Do this for me: go to Google and search “most popular apps”. Facebook Messenger is on every. single. list. It’s where the eyeballs are. It’s where we talk to our friends, our family, and the people we care about.

Tell me, do you think your coaching business would benefit from being seen more often? If yes, then it only makes sense for you to be where the eyeballs are already focused.

Using what you already have to make Facebook Messenger marketing work for your coaching business

Listen. I’m a coach myself, so I know that you’ve been cranking out content since you first hung out your coaching shingle. You do it because people need to know who you are and what your coaching is all about so they can decide if they want to hire you. It’s a tried and true process, and it works.

The only problem is this: That awesome, evergreen, educational, actionable content you’re been producing isn’t getting to their eyeballs often enough.

It’s like you’re ordering from Amazon, but it’s getting delivered to the house next door. Your content is getting delivered to places where your potential clients might look, but it’s not getting delivered to a place where they most certainly ARE looking. With vested interest. Every single day.

Here’s the thing: you don’t even have to create new content to be able to use Facebook Messenger to market your coaching business. You don’t have to switch gears. You can put the content you’re already producing straight into a Facebook Messenger marketing strategy.

Done-For-You Facebook Messenger Marketing Chatbots

As with any marketing platform there are a few things to know, like all of those guidelines to follow within Facebook. But here’s what I’ve done for you: I’ve made the process as plug-and-play as humanly possible. I’ve created a series of templates for coaches that make it easy for you to start growing your coaching business--right out of the box. I’ve got templates for health coaches, business coaches, mindset coaches…you name it!

This done-for-you service is called Chatbot In A Box. You can grab one of these templates today, add tweaks to customize it to your personal brand, and start using it tomorrow. I’ve done the technical part and the setup. All that’s left for you is to get in front of your potential client’s eyeballs by getting the word out through email marketing, social media, or other forms of advertising!

You have two choices of what you can do (cue the Beastie Boys):

  1. Take one of our Chatbots out for a test drive! Go on, give it a spin.

  2. Get your customizable Chatbot in a Box, and start growing your remarkable coaching business right now. 

And if you're feeling froggy, hop on BOTH those opportunities. 

RJ Redden